Mini-Course: Using Glogster In The Classroom

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Using Glogster In The Classroom

Course Description

The purpose of this mini-course is to show how the program Glogster can be used in classrooms for interactive presentations. Glogster allows students to create and share interactive posters with eachother and the rest of the world. It has a vareity of uses ranging from education to expression. In this course i will show you how to use glogster to create simple glogs. i will also include a unit that invloves students making a glog and giving a presentation on it. My example could be applied to any educator who has ever had students make a poster/powerpoint to demonstrate and share their knowledge of a topic. Educators can also use Glogster to teach their lessons, it is a fun, intetactive way to present information and couples nicely with new technologies such as smart boards

What will you know at the end of this mini-course?

  • Create a simple glog with a picture, graphic, text, and a Video
  • How important visual communication is to learning


  • Using the computer students will be able to successfully create a glogster account
  • In the Glogster program students will be able to create a glog that has at least one picture, video, and example of text.

Prerequisite Skills

In order to complete this unit , the learner must have prior knowledge in:

  • Basic Computer use (how to turn it on and open a web browser)
  • How to navigate a web browser to a specific page
  • How to search for images using a web browser
  • How to search for videos using a web browser

Materials Needed

In order to complete this unit the learner needs to have:

  • Access to a computer with internet hookup
  • A computer with adobe flash installed
  • A valid email address (so they can create a Glogster profile)


UNIT 1-What is visual communication

UNIT 2- What is Glogster and why should I use it?

UNIT 3- How to create a simple Glog

Glog Examples

Below are links to Glogs made by my students on a few topics in Technology class

Auto invention Glog

Alternative Fuels Glog

Fourth of July Glog

Basic glog that learners will be able to make at the end of this course