Exploring Latin American Countries and Caribbean Islands Unit 1

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Target Objective:

Students will be able to:

  • gather and interpret information from selected web sites

Learning Objective:

Students will be able to:

  • browse the site for information regarding their country
  • gather and print information

Task 1: (1 class day)

Questions to ponder and discuss before beginning the project

  • Who has traveled to another country?
    • Decribe your experiences during your trip
  • Why do we study a language?
  • What is culture?
    • How can we define it?
  • Why is it important to learn about other countries?
  • What does diversity mean to you?

Task 2:(1 and 1/2 class days)

Continue with discussion

Introduction to the project

Discuss the requirements and answer questions students may have.

Project Information

The attached file will give specific information regarding the project.

File:Exploring Central American1.pdf

Task 3: (2 and 1/2 class days)

For the next two and a half days, students will work on the computer with the country that will be assigned randomly.


  • In this unit the teacher will act as the facilitator. As facilitator, the teacher will guide students in the quest for information for their assigned country. The teacher will assist students with any technical assistance that may be needed or they may enlist the help of a computer technician if one is available.

  • For task 1, students are to begin tapping into their prior knowledge. To get this accomplished, the questions being posed will get them to think about experiences they have had in and out side of school. These questions will get them to discuss their experiences with each other. Students would be assessed in this discussion for their participation. Each student should share an experience or should be able to add to the discussion by giving an opinion or commenting on another student's contribution.

  • During task 2, students will continue the discussion with the teacher/facilitator asking probing questions for example:
    • how would you feel if you moved to another country and had to learn a second language?
    • what obstacles may you need to overcome?
    • what can the natives do to help you adjust to a new country?

  • Students will be given the specific information for the project. They will read through the assignment and ask the teacher any questions they may have for clarification. The project will be given to the students as a print copy so they can use it as a reference while working on the research. By giving the students a printed copy, students can add information and have a centralized paper with their questions and ideas.

  • In task 3, students will be using the computer to begin browsing for informatin using given web sites. They may also conduct their own searches if they feel they do not have enough information. This is an important task because students will be using their technology skills to manuver their way around the web. The teacher will still be acting as a facilitator. They will help students when needed. They will oversee the project as students begin to gather their information. Students may bookmark pages, print pages or make a list of the useful web sites they find to go back to at another time. The teacher will check student sources to make sure they are using reliable sources.


These are the links to the web sites that students would be using.

  • Puerto Rico [1]
  • Dominican Republic [2]
  • Costa Rica [3]
  • Mexico [4]
  • Argentina [5]
  • For the following countries use the given website[6]
    • Panama
    • El Salvador
    • Cuba
  • Another site for information for all the countries[7]

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